The first outreach programme began in May with local children’s author Nigel Quinlan who work-shopped with 43 students from the 4 local primary schools creating short stories and poems inspired by Celtic Mythical Creatures. These stories were complied into a book with the cover designed by local artist Carine Arrakis and Artist Tom Campbell then visited the primary schools in mid October to create papier mâché animals based on these mythical creatures with 158 students. The sculptural creatures formed an installation at the Arts Centre with Celtic music and the voices of the children reading their stories.

Local artist Gerardine Wisdom was commissioned to create a costume for our chief Mummer, who led the parade gathering an audience as he moved through the streets for the final performance of the Puca and the Piper outside the Arts Centre.

Our Artists

Nigel Quinlan

Writers Workshop

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Tom Campbell

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Geraldine Wisdom

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