*This can be done online or out doors starting at Banba Square

**Please adhere to the 5km government guidelines for Level 5

With guide in hand you will find,

cryptic clues that may even rhyme, (sort of)

Start at our building in Banba Square,

And follow the hints with loads of flare.

Don’t forget to bring your family to lend

A hand to solve the clues before it ends.

And when you’re done there will be treats

So no tricks and certainly don’t cheat.

#1. Venture to the courthouse and just inside the gates you'll be met by the statues of three Olympic greats Each won their gold medals through strength and power most true. But which of these Olympians won in 1932?

#2. Veer right outside the courthouse gates and trek down to the signposts. This is a good time to take a look and ensure it's free of sign ghosts. Now, the piece of information we want you to display, Is to tell us the name of the town that's 4.9km away.

#3. Now, back up along the path to the safe haven of the church ground. To your left a tree, with a plaque in front is found. The intel that you must provide to continue with the game Is for you to tell us plainly, what is the Bishops name?

#4. The Castle Garden is next on your haunted journey trail You must be most observant as you simply cannot fail. Now cast your eyes upon the Castle Garden wall And document the date that it opened up to all.

#5. Upon the famous castle you'll see the history of the tower Of all the different people who held control and power. The piece of information to write down for all to see Is the Earl who regained possession in 1533?

#6. Turn left outside the castle gates and ramble down the street O'Sullivan's Bar and Lounge is the first pub that you meet. Who knows what ghouls drink inside, like a Mummy tightly bounded But the question that I pose to you is what year the pub was founded?

#7. Emerge out onto Pearse Street and another left you take You're really flying it now, there's no time for a mistake You'll come across an intriguing door it's big and blue most clear. But tell us whats inscribed above and also give the year.

#8. McQuaids traditional music shop is the next stop on our jaunt. We know we're being followed by beasts who would only love to haunt. When looking in there's an Elvis sign and what we need to know. Is what exactly is the cost for a seat to his show?

#9. A full change of direction now to get those ghouls off our trail They could be as small as a mouse or as big as a mighty whale. We trundle up Mitchel Street and at Starr's shop we will stall. Reveal the number by their name, you'll see it on the wall.

#10. Brennans shop is straight head with a key for every lock. A music box, a treasure chest and some that might just shock Please reveal to us the name given to this space It's just above the Brennans sign and rhymes with 'Linnet Face'.

#11. Now straight back up to Banba Square, there's not much more to do. The monument in the centre holds a vital clue. Go to the Arts Centre side, it is the final twist. Reveal to us and make it quick, the last name on the list.



Congratulations! You Finished the Treasure Haunt.

Collect your Treasure by clicking HERE